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Extra care housing

What is extra care housing

With Extra Care housing you have a home of your own, but with care and support on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is sometimes called Housing with Care, Close Care, Very Sheltered Housing or Assisted Living.
Extra Care housing can be provided by a local authority (for those who have eligible needs), a housing association or a private company. You can rent or buy it, either by yourself or as a couple

About extra care

The emphasis in Extra Care housing is independence.
Unlike living in a care or nursing home, residents in Extra Care housing schemes have their own flat, with their own kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and front door.
Care is provided on site as needed, based on individual care plans.

Mix of needs in extra care

In order to maintain a balanced community, you will find a mix of people with low, medium and higher care needs. Residents will range from those who are able to live independently to those who need higher levels of care, and the partners of people who need care.
If your care needs, or the care needs of your partner change, the amount of care and support will change with it.

About the carers

All carers are part of the on-site teams provided by the Extra Care schemes.
There are several care providers in Hampshire. They must all meet the same quality standards you would expect from an organisation providing personal care in someone's own home.

Staffing arrangements

Each scheme has a scheme manager who:

  • looks after the residents and the building
  • helps with housing related issues
  • manages the rota of care staff available during the day

There is also a care manager and a care team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Moving from your own home

Home owners can move into an Extra Care Scheme. Some schemes offer homes to buy, others offer only homes to rent, and some are a mixture of both.

  • Rented flats
    Flats are available to rent in Extra Care Schemes.
  • Shared ownership
    Shared ownership flats may be also available. More about affordable home ownership schemes
  • Full ownership
    Some schemes allow you to buy your flat outright. When the flat needs to be sold, it must be sold to someone who is eligible to live in that Extra Care scheme

Extra care schemes in Hampshire

Contact your local council's housing department. (This is the Council which collects your Council Tax. It is not the County Council)
Alternatively, use the Elderly Accommodation Counsel website to search for schemes in your area.

Last reviewed: 21/04/2016

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